Simple Quilting - The Easiest Quilt to Make for Beginners [Start Here]

When you’re new to quilting and exploring everything available, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed.

Especially by all of the terms, tools, fabrics, and types of quilts.

We understand, and we’re here to help you make sense of it all and get to the easiest quilt to make from the start…

What Is the Easiest Quilt to Make for Beginners?

The easiest quilt to make is patchwork with fat quarters. Honestly, you’ll spend more time arranging your fabric and cutting it than you will sewing, which is great when you’re a beginner.

Not sure what a fat quarter is?

A fat quarter is a quarter-yard cut of fabric that is cut wide = fat quarter.

easiest quilt for beginners - fat quarters

Fat quarters make quilting easy because they are pre-cut quilting fabric that you easily arrange and then sew together.

And in some cases you can make the quilt even easier by not adding batting—if you want a lighter quilt to drape or use during warmer weather, such as a beach quilt.

How Do You Prepare the Easiest Quilt?

We recommend having a large enough space to lay out your fat quarters and arrange your design before you start sewing. Give yourself space.

TIP: don’t go any further if your fabric is wrinkled. You don’t want to sew wrinkled fabric together. Iron your fabric right now if it has wrinkles.

fat quarters quilt - easy quilt

To cut your fabric, you will need either a rotary cutter or scissors. We recommend a rotary cutter with a sharp blade - read more about essential tools that we recommend here.

When it comes to cutting, you will also need a cutting mat and ruler to guarantee you get exact measurements and cuts.

The cutting of your fat quarters into a design is truly up to you. If you want to start easy, then do 4 inch squares. Stack them as you go to make sure they are consistent.

Once you have plenty of squares, then do your arranging for color and design. This will make it much easier to bring your design to life and then move into sewing.

Remember—the quilt design and size is totally up to you. There are no rules when it comes to your design. So embrace your creativity and do what you want. This is a learning experience :)

How Do You Sew the Easiest Quilt?

Remember to lay your fat quarters out in the blocks/pattern that you want. Laying everything out and arranging before you sew is the way to go. You can easily see if you’re missing anything and how the outcome will look.

Now let’s get to sewing:

  • Remember to have 1/4 inch seam allowance. There are quilting feet for each machine, and the right edge of that foot is 1/4 inch. Use that as your guide to give enough allowance.
  • Since you’re just learning to quilt, start by sewing your squares or strips together piece-by-piece. You want to create blocks. The typical blocks are 3 x 3, or 9 squares total, but it’s totally up to you.
  • Once you’ve sewn all of your sections or blocks, it’s not time to sew it all together into the top of the quilt.
  • At this point it’s important to pin your sections together because you have a lot more fabric to work with and feed into your sewing machine.
  • TIP: don’t let fabric just hang off your machine or table. You don’t want fabric to pull.
  • Sew your entire top together and then lay it on top of your backing and batting. This is called the quilt sandwich. Make sure your quilt top and backing are both 2 inches larger than your batting.
  • It’s now best to pin again and roll your quilt up so you can start from the center and work your way out.

What Are Some Other Easy Quilts?

If you don’t want to start with fat quarters then we also have quilt kits, which are a perfect fit for beginners as well because they come with pre-cut fabric and instructions on how to piece together the quilt.

We have both ready-to-sew and applique quilt kits available.

If you’re looking to start faster with fabric that is already cut and ready for sewing then we highly recommend getting a quilt kit.

If you’re interested in doing your own cuts and making a design from fabric, then start with fat quarters and see what you can come up with.